Smoked Fish Chowder overnight home smoked local fish £5.50

Selection of Local Tapas £7.00

Steamed Mussels (Moules mariniere) garlic, shallots white wine & cream £7.00

Cracked Crab Claws citrus mayo £7.00

Thai Fish Cakes & Pork ‘n Prawn Spring Rolls £7.00

Crumbed in a Bun (crumbed fish in a Bun Chips & Salad £7.50

Paella (minimum 2 people) Homemade, local fish £12.50 per person

Smoked Fish on Sourdough cream leeks, grainy mustard sauce, poached egg £7.00

Fish ‘n Chips peas, tartare sauce, parsley lemon £11.50

Smoked Salmon Tagliatelle, orange, cucumber £10.50

Squid Stir-fry ginger, chilli spring onion tamarind sauce £10.00

Crumbed Sole chips, tartare sauce, peas, parsley lemon £11.50


Assorted Ice Cream homemade £5.00

Apple Pie cinnamon ice cream £6.50

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart vanilla ice cream£6.50

Assorted Teas & Coffees assorted home baking £5.50

Early bird menu Served Between  3pm – 6 PM


Fish n' chips, fish cakes, smoked salmon Tagliatelle and squid

Classic Scottish dishes served with chips, garden peas, homemade tartare sauce and a zesty lemon wedge.




Crumbed in a Bun  £6.50

Langoustines Scampi Battered £11.00

Jumbo Haddock Battered £11.50

Regular Haddock Battered £7.50

Market (fish of the Day) Battered £7.50

Squid Battered £7.50

Lemon Sole Crumbed £7.50

Langoustine Scampi Crumbed £7.50

Scallops (Queen) Crumbed £7.00

Squid rings Crumbed £7.00

Chicken Fillet Crumbed £6.50

Pork ‘n Prawn Spring Roll £7.00



Children / Senior

Haddock fillet Battered or Crumbed £6.20

Haddock fillet £6.20

Chunky Fish Fingers Crumbed £5.50

Chips  Regular £1.60

Drinks All cans     £1.00.

Water     £1.00

ATLANTIC OYSTERS, grilled lobster, cracked crabs and Mussels

Hand selected by jim from the Atlantic Ocean, Scottish shellfish is among the juiciest and tastiest on the planet.